Article American Academy of Nursing on Policy| Volume 60, ISSUE 4, P228, July 2012

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Expert panel on nursing theory guided practice position paper: Nursing knowledge and the impact on Nursing's Preferred Future a plan for enhancing Raise the Voice Phase II

      The American Academy of Nursing (AAN) strives to lead the nation and “… serve the public and nursing profession by advancing health policy and practices through the generation, synthesis and dissemination of nursing knowledge”.
      American Nurses Association
      Scope and Standards of Practice.
      Still the story of how nurses everywhere are positioned to revolutionize our healthcare system remains untold. One strategy that the AAN can use to reveal this story and take the lead in advancing policy is to make explicit the disciplinary knowledge integral to the implementation of the innovative experiments of the AAN-led Edge Runners initiative. It is essential that the work advanced by AAN leaders showcases outcomes that are linked to the problems that nursing knows how to uncover and solve. Some AAN members have expertise to contribute to achieving this goal.
      The articulation of nursing knowledge includes a system of beliefs and concepts theoretically linked and synthesized for use in innovative, knowledge-driven clinical practice. This knowledge embodies philosophical and theoretical positions that integrate nursing science from midlevel constructs to higher-level theoretical abstractions synthesized that can be used for research and clinical use. The development of frameworks guided by a disciplinary perspective helps link the nursing care delivered to outcomes for multiple practice interventions. For example, we value promoting health and facilitating recovery, yet we know that this requires time and sustained support across settings. The Edge Runners' work provide rich sources for articulating cumulative nursing knowledge that can move from innovation to revolutionary changes in care delivery that impact policy. The result can be that outcomes achieved will be addressed from a disciplinary knowledge perspective and add a clear voice to nursing contributions to care outcomes, within multidisciplinary dialogue.


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